Central Kentucky Branch History

   In 1976, the Central Kentucky Scottish Country Dance Society (CKSCDS) was formed to teach and promote Scottish country dancing in this area. This organization became an Affiliated Group of the RSCDS in 1979, and grew to become the Central Kentucky Branch in 1981. Vicky Goodloe and Charles Robertson were the first fully certificated teachers of the Branch. Since then, three Affiliated Groups have formed in the area, in Lexington, Louisville, and Nashville, Tennessee. Most dancers in these cities join the RSCDS through the Central Kentucky Branch. Throughout the year, the Branch and Affiliated Groups work together to promote dancing through classes, workshops, socials, balls and demonstrations.

    The CKSCDS was organized by members of the Kentucky Heritage Dancers, a folk dance performing group in Lexington, Kentucky. Scottish country dancing was a part of a presentation which portrayed the history of dance in the United States, including its roots in the European traditions. The Scottish traditional dances, both highland and country, were a very important part of the Heritage dance presentations, including performances at the International Folk Festivals at Wolf Trap Farm in Washington, D.C., the national square dance conventions, and as part of an ambassador tour of Poland in 1976.

    This group was first taught Scottish country dancing in 1958 by Charles and Marie Mackay, presently of Lairg, Scotland. Charles, a graduate student in agricultural studies at UK, was recruited by one of his professors, Dr. Carl Clark, to teach Scottish country dancing to a group of teenagers known at that time as the Buckskin Pioneer Dancers, the forerunner of the Kentucky Heritage Dancers.


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